H1 - Passport and VISA expiring but having India plan


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I came to US on May 2014 with Company-A. I was having valid H1 VISA with Company-A till June 2016 and also my Passport is going to expire by June 2016. Recently I changed my company to Company-B. During the transfer process I got 3 years of VISA extension with Company-B. As of now, I have my passport is having my Company-A VISA stamped in it. I am having a India plan by March 2016 and coming back by end of March. My question is can I travel to India with the current passport and VISA (Company-A) and also, can I travel back to US with the same Passport and VISA (Company-A). Later I will apply for Passport extension in US and in my next trip to India, planning to go for stamping. Please provide details on how to handle this situation.


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