Green card with future employment option but Employer went out of business


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My Situation :


While I am on H1 , I found a pre-approved labor and processes my GC with  “Future employment”  option with EB3 India category. After that My H1 company want me back to India but I tried jobs on Future employment EAD and got the job on EAD. Now my current company processed new labor and ready to file I 140 under EB2 criteria  to port the date. Meanwhile my GC filed employer went out of the business. But he didn’t cancel my I-140.



·         Recently I got I-131 denial – I don’t know the reason  waiting for the notice. Is there any chance/reason  to GC to denial ? if so what is my options to stay in US?

·         Is this good decision  to move from BE3 to EB2 portable ?


Please help me! 

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