H1 transfer denied and ammendment in progress


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Hello friends,


Need advice for my situation -


I came to US in Feb 2014 and my I94 and Petition expired on 31-Aug. I had filed for H1 transfer starting from 29-July 2015.

This transfer got an RFE on 2-Sept and I realized that my attorney had filed it with wrong Job Description (kind of a CPA profile). Since my H1 had expired so they filed an amendment on this pending H1 transfer.

In Oct, I got an RFE on this amendment wherein the USCIS asked to respond to the original RFE and then they will give the decision.

Today I came to know that my transfer has been denied, however, my amendment is still in progress. Please help me for the below queries -


  1. What is the impact to the amendment since the H1 transfer has been denied?
  2. Can I file for a fresh petition and come back with the same company?
  3. Any other options?  


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