Can we work part-time on H1-B


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I'm currently on H1-B working for an Employer.


I've got an opportunity to work part-time (for about 8-10 hrs a week) with one of my previous contacts. Here are my questions on this


1. Can I work part-time with another company? Without ammending my H1?

2. How many hrs per week can I work?

3. Do I need to inform my employer on this? I can get the payment directly from this part-time company. (I would prefer not informing my employer about this)





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Your H1 allows you to work for your employer ONLY.

If you want to work for another employer on the side, that employer would have to file a concurrent H1 for you.

Also note that most employment contracts prohibit work on the side unless approved by the employer. You could get fired if you don't get approval from your employer. One reason is that employers don't want their employees to moonlight for a competitor.

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