Paid visa application fees with old passport and filling DS 160 forms with renewed passport


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Hello All,


Please help me with my situation,


  I have just paid visa application fees using the with OLD PASSPORT information (haven't made interview appointment yet), I have realized that the passport will be expiring soon (in less than a year) and applied for passport renewal. My question is that can I fill out DS-160 with NEW PASSPORT information once it arrives and attend the visa interview with old and new passports? Please guide me if any of you have faced  similar situation before.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!





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Thanks Abhi for your reply. 

Can you tell me if there are visa slots available for 11/24.

I am still waiting to receive my passport and not sure when I will get it.

I would like to see the available dates myself but since I don't have my new passport yet I don't know how to check it. 

SInce you already paid the Visa application fee you should be able to see the dates. Can you check and let me know.



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Pavan -- since you haven't  paid visa fees or filled DS form, I would suggest you to renew the passport and begin the process to avoid unnecesary confusions like mine.



In my case, I paid visa fee already and scheduled the appointment with old passport. 

I am still waiting on my new passport.


Is it possible to change the visa appointment with new passport? I have not submit the DS-160 form yet.


Please let me know

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