H1B Visa interview exp: Ottawa 16th nov


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I had my visa interview on 16th nov


questions are normal


  • who is your employer
  • whats your salary
  • Asked for W2
  • why there is pay difference from lca to your W2.
  • how long you have been working at the client.
  • Can i have your client letter.


Took the finger prints and said from your side everything is good and your visa will be issued but in the meanwhile we need to check from our side will contact you if we need any more info through email.


not given any 221g form

he kept the Passport and client letter with him.

 and one more thing they have written No PIMS on my DS160 copy. 


Is there any one similar to my situation  and how long will it take to get the passport



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Hi h1Canada1,


I have scheduled interview on 18th November

This is my renewal first time stamping also done in Ottawa, Canada. But did got 221g that time. and eventually got approval from them.


Does this is your first time stamping or renewal?

Do I need to worry about anything else?


Thank you


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Hi h1Canada1,


I had my interview on Nov 12th in Ottawa. Simple questions were asked and finally said i don't have any issues with your case. But your PIMS is not updated, we will contact you if needed. 


I got email from Loomis on Nov 13th. It took only a day to get my PIMS verified. 

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The officer did not mention anything about the pim. The interview was straightforward. Asked me about what I do, salary, and where do I work. Then mentioned that the visa is approved and gave me the instructions to check the status of it online. 


I am still waiting on the details to get it from the courier service.


Good luck! 

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