Is H1 Amendment required if I was reassigned before 2015


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My H1-B visa was filed for the first time with Client A (in Florida) in March 31 2014 and I was reassigned to Client B (Philadelphia) from May27 2014 this change happened during my H1b approval process was going on.

My H1B was approved for 3 years (Sep2014- Sep2017) with Client A in August 2014, but then I was working with Client B at that time,

Later after H1 B approval My Company procured the LCA with my current client B address by September 2014.

My question is do I still need H1 Amendment?

I and my company thinks we don’t need one due to the following point:


1. My transfer of assignment was done on September 1st 2014 which is way back before the H1 amendment act (March 2015) came into force.



As I'm planning to Stamp my H1-B Visa, Just want to make sure if H1-B amendment is required or not in my Case.


                  Please guide me. Thanks in advance

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