visitor visa for mother and sister together


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I am on my 5th year of my H1b (not yet applied for GC). I am going to apply visitor visa for my mother ( widow) and sister ( married and has a 13 years old kid. brother-in-law and kid wont be travelling so will get a NOC letter from him) together. Both of them don’t work. I have docments to show around 6 lakhs each FDs/ bank balance and 50-75 lakhs worth property for both sister and mother separately. We are going to say that my mother stays with sister and family and need to get back to take care of kid and husband. My brother also stays in USA. Would that make them potential immigrants? Do we need to mention about both myself and brother in DS-160? Do they cross-check if we don’t mention about my brother in USA?

Appreciate your suggestions.



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