Travel while H-4 EAD application is pending


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My PERM just got approved and my I-140 will be filed under premium processing by my employer's lawyer tomorrow. My 6th year H-1B expiry date is December 15,2015. I am expecting to get H-1B and H-4 extension for 3 years approved before December 10,2015 following the approval of my I-140. Based on this I have few queries as below: 


1) How much time will it take for my wife's H-4 EAD approval after I file it on, let says, December 22,2015? 


2) After her H-4 EAD is filed, can she travel to India? Or does the H-4 EAD needs to be absolutely approved before she can travel? She has plans of travelling to India from Jan 5,2016 to March 30,2016.


3) If we receive any RFE for my wife's H-4 EAD and if she is not here in the U.S.A at time of receiving the RFE, will her H-4 EAD petition get revoked?


4) Is it true that my wife can travel abroad ONLY after the FORM I-539 and the FORM I-765 are filed and approved by USCIS? If she travels after the FORM I-539 is filed ,  will she abandon the application?


Thanks ahead of time!!!

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