My H1-B extension got denied, my I-94 is expired. What are my options to stay legally in the US and come back to status ?


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My first H1-B was approved with the same company and for the same position. I am with this company for the last 4 years. Never on bench and always received pay on time. My extension was filed on 7th Sep 2015, received REF on 23rd September. My H1-B and I-94 expired on 30th Sep. My company responded to the REF on 4th Nov. I got petition denial on 13th Nov. My company submitted 9 documents for RFE including W2s and degrees of 8 other employees, quarterly wage reports, employee offer letter, agreement letter, client letter, job posting of similar job positions, organisation chart, pay stubs, project SOW. I don't know the reason for denial yet. Please help.

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