wait time between sponsoring for parents and parents-in-laws


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I sponsored the visitor visa for my in-laws 2 months back and their application was approved and they have their multiple-entry/10yr visas now.

Now my parents' visas have expired and I need to sponsor them as well. I see that I have to declare in their application that I have sponsored my in-laws (and the dates). 

Is there a recommended wait time before I should sponsor my parents visas? 

There's a general guidance recommending that the sponsor should show funds in the amount of $4K-5K per visitor being sponsored. Does this have to be in cash? Or other types of assets will also be fine (e.g., stocks)?


I was hoping to need to show cash funds only for one couple at a time.
My in-laws and my parents are not going to be visiting us at the same time. Should I mention this in the letter to the immigration officer? (will that help?)

Any other tips or suggestions?


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