how long for F1 stamping afer receipt


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currently in US, applied for change of status from h4 to F1 and studying for last 6 months.


I am wondering how long it should take for F1 processing, as I have got my F1 receipt number around 5 months ago. I havent received any decision.


another thing i want to know if anyone heard of deferring case by DSO;


because every 1 month, my college DSO defers my case date by 1 month.she says she is giving more time to USCIS for processing my application. i donot know is there any advantage if case is deferred. will it affect the time i get my F1 stamped.


please let me know.

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In case the question is not clear, i am trying to add more info.


DSO - Designated School Official, one who takes care student visa processing (issuing I-20, followup with USCIS etc ). each college has one DSO for student visas.


now my question is:

everytime i visit DSO about when I might get F1 approval, she postpones my course start date to one month later. this is called deferring the case as she told me and this is to give more time to USCIS to take decision about my F1 visa case.


what i heard/gather is F1 visa processing can take upto 3~4 months of maximum time. i am waiting for last 6 months for this.


if any one faced this scenario, pls let me know.

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