Starting a green card application?


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I'm entering my 5th year H1B this month - Nov 2015. When is the latest I can start my green card process? One lawyer told me I should start by Mar 2016. While another told me I'm already too late and should start immediately. The thing is, I'm hoping to find a new job before I start my green card process and would really like to know if that is an option! 

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It can be started at any time.

However, there are certain benefits, like getting H1 extensions past 6 years, if it is started before the 5th year of H1 is over. Such extensions are also possible in some other circumstances.

You should have asked the lawyers for an explanation....

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In that case, can Employer B initiate the GC process? Will abandoning GC process by employer A, have any negative affect on GC process initiated by employer B?


Other related question: Suppose H1b is valid for next 2 year and employer abandons the GC process than will it impact H1B visa validatity? Can I person continue to stay in US until his H1B is valid even if his GC process has been abandon?


Thank you for your reply!

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