H1B Stamping with two Active I-797


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I am travelling to india in dec 2015 and I have to go for visa stamping . My visa is expired in 2011 and my I797 is valid till 03/31/2016 .my company filed for visa extension and got approved . ( 04/1/2016 to 03/31/2019). 

1 .My question What should I enter for EAC no in form DS160 ? New one or Old one 
2. In the consulate I should produce both valid 797 ( valid till 03/31/2016 (1st) and 2nd one ( valid from 04/10/2016 till 03/31/2019) or 1st one ? 
3. Someone is saying if they give visa based on new one which is valid from 03/10/2011 , I won't be able to enter before 04/1/2016 . ( or max 10 days before) 
4. For how long they are going to give me valid visa ? 

Please help me .....

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1. New I797 receipt number


2. Carry both I 797's. Show latest one first. If they ask for old then give them old one also.


3. No your assumption is wrong. There is an expiry date and issue date on visa. It does not have a start date. You can enter anytime. I entered 3 months before.


4. They should give you until 3/31/2019. 

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