Isuue with observation page in passport


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I'm  a citizen of India. I came to USA on Aug 14, 2012 as an F1 Student. I started working after my graduation as a full time employee from July 2014 and got my H1B  approved this year. 

I planned for an India trip this December and January and I have my Visa stamping scheduled for H1B at Hyderabad consulate in December.

The reason for this post is that, I've learnt that hand-written passports are no more valid from Nov 24, 2015. I have a Machine Readable Passport which was issued on Sep 11,2009. When the passport was issued I got it with an expiration of Sep 6,2010. So, I went to the passport office in Hyderabad and they corrected it with an "Observation Stamp on Page 3 that states that Expiration has been corrected to Sep 10,2019". The passport officer assured me that there is no need to re-issue a passport and the observation page will solve the problem.

So, my concern now is whether the Immigration services in India and USA will consider my passport valid or not during my India travel. My passport is valid for MRP but it reads an incorrect expiration and then they need to look at the observation stamp on Page 3.

Could you please provide me a solution to this problem as I have an India trip coming up and I already booked for a Visa slot with the existing passport.


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