H1B and H4 Extension- Premium proccessing of I129- Affect on I-539


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Hello everyone,


My employer had filed for my H1B extension (I-129) and my Wife's H4 Extesnion (I--539)with receipt date of July 6 2015 from USCIS.  I have not received any response yet and so my employer filed for Premium processing on my H1 application and I received notice today that it was received.

My question is that my wife's H4 extention on I-539 is connected to my appication. I wanted to confirm that as soon as my I-129 aookication gets approved in 15 calender days, my wife's H4 extension will get approved on the same day,. Or would there be any lag


Main issue is that my wife is travelling to India on Nov 29 and so we would like to have her H4 extension approved before she leaves the country to avoid hassles.


Please help. Thank you in advance


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