221g Ottawa Nov 10


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had my Visa interview on 10 Nov. Got 221g Blue Slip. Same Questions


which company you work for ?

what work you do?

What is your pay?

Can I have your CV?

gave CV


we need to perform additional processing it may take few weeks. We have all your documents? We will email you when to submit passport


Any guesses, How much time it takes for 221g blue slip in Ottawa ?




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Hi Okm,


I am Mehul. As you said this is your H1B renewal and you got 221G during first time stamping as well?

I have interview scheduled on 18th November. Even I got 221g during my first H1B which was done in ottawa only.


My question to you where you did your first H1B stamping?

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Hi guys,

I successfully got my H1B approval today 18th November. This is my second H1B renewal.

My interview scheduled on 10:15 am

Reached at consulate on 9:50 am

it was only 45 to 50 second interview all standard questions asked

Is it first H1B from L1 to H1? This my renewal actually

What is my job responsibilities ?

How long I am working with this client ?

My highest education from which university ?

Who is my reporting manager at client site ?

Who is my manager at employer site?

M I getting paid properly ??

Then she typed something in her computer for sometime and return my I-797A, ds-160 confirmation and said I am approving you visa will get an email in day or two to pick up your passport

Just sharing my experience might help future candidates !!

Thank you


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