Automatic Visa Revalidation (Reentering US only on valid I-94)


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Does anyone have any recent experience of reentering US from Canada or Mexico with valid I-94 and expired visa stamping?

I am H1 Visa and my visa stamping has expired. My wife recently changed her status from H4 to F1 while in US, and she also does not have her visa stamped. We are planning to go to Canada for a week.

Appreciate your insights.


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I am not sure if revalidation applies to change of VISA status, so please check with appropriate authorities may be give a call to the USCIS office at the airport.


On the other hand just last month a friend of mine visited Canada on an expired VISA on passport with new extension documents and came back without issues on valid I-94 (for the same category of VISA).


Hope this helps.

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