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    I am on a H1B and want to move over to H4 and apply for the H4-EAD. I have another month on my H1B Dec 2015. Can someone suggest the quickest way to get the H4 and apply for a H4EAD. I moved from F1 to h1 and do not have a H1 Visa stamp on my passport.

Should I

1) Go to India for the H4

2) Canada

3) Mexico

4) File COS from H1-H4 from here. Guess this option takes time.


Any insight on getting a H4 stamped in Mexico or Canada will be much appreciated.


Thank you

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Thank you but can I get this done in Mexico or Canada instead of traveling to India? I never had a H1B stamping in my passport. Moved directly from F1 to H1B but never got a H1B stamp in my pass port.

You cannot go to Mexico as they entertain renewal of visa stamping in the same category. You can go to Canada. But, it is always better to go to home country.
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Thank you jairichi,


Another question if you don't mind. Say I just apply for a Change of Status (cos) from a H1 to H4 in the US and not apply for a H4EAD, can I apply for a new H1B extension with just the receipt of a H4 change of status and not the approved H4 itself.


Thank you

Yes, an employer can file for a COS to H1B using COS to H4 receipt notice. You can work for employer only after COS to H1B approval. Once approved you can withdraw COS to H4 petition.

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