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My H1b petition was filed by Employer A(staffing company) and my client is D. The client(D) has contract with vendor C, A has contract with B(Prime vendor) and B has contract with C( Secondary vendor).
I have the Client letter from D, it is mentioned about C and A .whereas in my offer letter from the A and in the H1B filing case, there is mention of B because my employer A has contract with B.

I also have received the vendor letter from the Prime vendor which states the above mentioned relationship and also mentions that my performance reviews and task assignment and all the activities is controlled by my petition company A.
I have the client letter and other letters from my employer. I am working at client location and client is a fortune 500 company. Will it be fine for stamping (risky). It is an EVVC model.
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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EVVC model is always risk. If there are any vendors, it initiates additional questions to VO and may cause 221G. Also working for a fortune 500 company client doesn't help when you have multiple layers.


If possible ask your employer for a project with no layers (direct client project) and then go for stamping. If not, try to schedule stamping at your home country.


All the best!

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