Rescheduling h1b appointment from Canada to India


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I had originally scheduled a visa appointment for h1b stamping in Ottawa, Canada on Nov 18th. I had some change in plans and due to some circumstances, I have to make India trip and so, I was looking to reschedule my appointment at Hyderabad, India.




1) Do i have to create a new profile for India or Does the profile created for Canada needs to be moved over ?


 Canada profile created at:


India profile needs to be created at:

Not sure, how profile information gets shared between 2 different applications.
2) I was told by the call center guys in India that I should call Canada's call center and have them move my profile over to India. But, When I called Canada's call center, I was told that they cannot do it.
I am confused....Should I just go ahead an create a new profile for India and schedule my interview ?
I am okay with paying the visa fees again for India....Just need to know what the correct process is...
Please help
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New profile needed and new ds -160 too. Furthermore the visa fee needs to be paid again since it is a different country.

Try calling the US consulate in Canada to see if they will help in any way (most likely they cannot )

Can I ask what are/were the available dates for ottawa or montreal when you were looking. Also for India do we still have availability for Dec or Jan ?

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