Company A visa still valid but How do I still get a new Visa stamp for future travel ?


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I have a visa stamp from company A valid till Nov 2016. I have moved to Company B this year and visiting to India in December.


From what I understand I do not have to get visa stamping done, just need to travel with valid i-797.


However because I am already in India I would like to get visa stamping done to prevent hassles from future travel to other countries.  What is my option ?


When I fill ds-160 it asks me , Is your us visa still valid ? My answer is YES


Than it immediately tells me that I need to go for dropbox visa. Can I go for dropbox visa in this case ...because my employer has changed now ??


Please advice, thanks in advance.



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Really ? Thanks for the reply, that is what I saw on the website as well but not sure so want to confirm with more people here.



If you can answer “yes” to all of the following questions, you qualify for our Interview Waiver Program “Drop-box”. You do not need to schedule an appointment at a Visa Application Center. Please log in, create your profile, proceed with your application, and print two copies of the submission letter. Drop off your passport along with the listed documents mentioned on the submission letter at one of our 11 service centers.

Eligibility Criteria for all applicants except child below 14 years of age and applicant above 80 years of age or older:

  • I have a previous U.S. visa in the same class as the visa for which i wish to apply
  • My most recent visa was issued in India
  • I received my visa after January 1, 2008
  • My prior visa is not annotated “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”.
  • My most recent visa (in the same class for which I am applying) was issued on or after my 14th birthday
  • I have no refusals for a visa in any class after my most recent visa issuance
  • If I am applying for an H or L (individual) visa, my prior visa in the same class is still valid or expired within the last 12 months.


  • If I am applying for any other class of visa, my prior visa in the same class is still valid or expired within the last 48 months.
  • Note: Blanket L1 visa applicants do not qualify for the Interview Waiver Program, but Blanket L2 spouses are eligible.

Eligibility Criteria for Child below 14 years of age:

  • I am applying before my 14th birthday.

Note: Children under 14 must submit a photocopy of each parent’s passport biographic information page. If either parent has a visa, you should also submit a photocopy of each parent’s visa. If no parent has a visa and no parent is applying for one, then you should provide documentation regarding the purpose of the trip and a photocopy of the visa of the accompanying adult.

Eligibility criteria for applicants over 80 years of age:

  • I am applying on or after 80th birthday
  • My most recent visa application was not refused.
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