Visa stamping with no previous employer letter and client invite letter.


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Hello All,


I am planning to travel to India soon. 


I am on H1B. My VISA was stamped in 2012. Expired in Nov 2014. This was with employer A.


I switched to employer B, in Mar 2014. I have my new H1B approved petition till 2017.


I have not traveled back to India since 2013. This will be my first visit back to India after coming to US.


There are two questions, before I go for my VISA interview.


1. I do not have experience/relieving letter from employer A. I have all the pay stubs and W2 from employer A and a provisional resignation acceptance letter stating my last day of employment with them but no start date, duties or designation. I have offer letter and other appraisal letters.


Will this work? Is there any alternative? Is this a frequently asked document?


If I take an notarized statement from my colleague who is still with employer A, can it be used in a VISA interview as a response?



2. My current client can not provide a Client Letter. I have an email from business head on client side stating that I work with them and my services are needed in future. 


Should I be concerned about my stamping being rejected in this scenario. With my current employer, I dont see any concern. I have all the required documents. 


Appreciate your response on the same. 






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1. Why are you worried about a letter from Employer A? VO expects a letter from your present employer B and possibly a letter from Vendor and/or Client.


2. Take a printout of that email from Client and a letter from Vendor if you are in EVC model along with you to the interview. Also carry your ID card from Client if it shows your name and Client company name. It helps. One of my friend shown that as a proof along with email print from Client. And a letter from your present employer is must. 


Good Luck

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1) No need to worry about letter from Employer A. VO never ask experience letter. In case VO ask any supporting documents for Employer A, you can show the documents that you have mentioned in your post.


Not having letter from Employer A is not at all an issue. My friends are also in similar situation. They had couple of stampings after employer change and no question asked about the experience letter.


2) It is always suggestable to carry the client letter for stamping to avoid any issues that may cause.

In case you are unable to get the client letter, you may carry the following along with your client email to show VO for any further questions.

1) Email from client stating that can't provide the letter.

2) Your Badge.

3) Your timesheets.

4) Your latest email correspondence with your client manager (like appreciation, work update, leave, etc.).


Sometimes VO may call the client to verify you are working there or not. So, please make your client aware on this before you go for stamping.


All the best!

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