H1B Transfer while Passport renewal in progress


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          I am on H1B and I got a new Job, The new employer has filed my I-129 for H1B transfer. When my new employer requested my documents I mentioned my current passport is valid till June,2016 but I already applied for renewal and it is pending and I asked them to check with attorney before they proceed with H1B transfer.


Yesterday my new employer gave H1B transfer receipt number and asked me to resign my current job. It does not look like they updated attorney that I am waiting for my passport renewal. When I mailed their attorney I am not getting any reply.


Today I got update from passport office that my new passport has been issued and it will be shipped in couple of days.


Now I am confused because my I-129 has been filed with old passport which has been cancelled now. I am concerned weather my  H1B transfer will get approved and also I may get any problem in stamping later when I travel outside US.


Please advise.





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