H4 EAD Renewal


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I am a H1B visa holder and my spouse got her H4 EAD in August 2015 and is working in a company. My H1B visa will expire in April 2016.

I have a few questions around H4 EAD renewal.


1.Should I file for H1B and H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal in premium processing? or 

Should I file for H1B and H4 extension in premium processing now; get the approval and then file for H4 EAD in January 2016?

The reason of my confusion is H1B extension cannot be filed before 6 months of the H1B expiration and H4 EAD renewal cannot be filed 120 days(4 months approx,) before the EAD expiration.


2. Out of the two options mentioned above which option is better so that we get the new EAD card before the current EAD card expires?



Thanks a lot for your help!!

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