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I started by project with Client X from March 2014. The model of the contract is that client has a primary recruting vendor which manages the contracts and hiring for the client.

In my case there is another vendor 'Y' who between my employer and the primary vendor X.


Now this middle vendor 'Y' was always late in giving payments to my employer. My employer always had to keep following up on the payments from this vendor and it has become a headache as sometimes the vendor used to skip the payments to my employer well beyond the due date.


Due to this my employer talked to the primary vendor 'X' and removed the middle vendor 'Y' from the scene. From then there has never been a issue in the payment cycle.


But, there is a pending payment of more than $10000 due from this middle vendor 'Y'. Despite repeated emails and calls from myself , my employer and also from the primary vendor, the middle vendor is not releasing the payments.

Probelm is even my employer has given up on this. But those were my hard earned money and the amount is not a smaller one. I dont want to give up.


Now, what are the options I have to proceed in this? Can I directly complain to DOL on this vendor? or since I am not direct employee to this Vendor, Can i not complain?


Please suggest.

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If a client is late paying your employer or not is none of your concern.

Your employer needs to pay you no matter what. Your "hard earned money" comes from your employer, not from some middle vendor. You are NOT a party of the contract between your employer and a vendor.


If your employer doesn't pay you, you are out of status. File a complaint with DOL on form WH4 about your employer not paying you.

You getting paid BY YOUR EMPLOYER is the ONLY concern you have.

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