Query regarding my B1/B2 Visa -URGENT


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Greetings, I have some queries regarding my B1/B2 visa.
I have attached my B1/B2 visa scanned copy.
I am willing to travel with my hubby for sightseeing and he is travelling for a meeting from his company(has a B1/B2 Visa from his company).

Trip is from Bangalore to San Francisco on 21st Jan 2016 and round trip on 30th Jan.

This old Passport expired(and I have the visa in this old tampered passport).
I have a new passport that is valid till 2024.
New Passport number : M0640838

1) My Visa validity is till 04-May-2016. Can I travel in this validity?
2) If yes for 1, is there any documents that i need to carry while travelling.
3) Please have a look at the attached B1/B2 visa page, where there is a ink Smudge. Will this be an issue ? (IMPORTANT)

Please note that i have travelled with this B1/B2 visa(when it was not having this ink smudge) 3 times to SFO (from my previous company Covansys Chennai)
Now i am working in IBM Bangalore.


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