I want to go alone to USA when B1B2 stamp with Wife


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Me and my wife both attended an visa interview and we got B1/B2 visa to visit usa as tourist. At the time of interview, we told we both are going to visit usa. But her family has medical issue so she cannot join me for the new year eve in California.  So, me and my friends plan to visit on the same day to usa. 


My Friends already holding the visit visa, can I go alone there without my wife ?? Do they ask me where is my wife or do they not ?? Please let me know... 

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Thanks dear, it was my first post and i got the great responses.

My friend told me, if the reason we give at the time of interview for getting the visa doesn't matches to the reason at the time of entry than i may face the peoblem at entry.

I gave the reason me and my wife is planning to travel for new year but could be not this. I am afraid if they return or cancel my visa.


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