Is H1 Amendment required if I was reassigned before 2015


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Hi All,


I moved to a new company on Jul30 2014 and my VISA will be expired by the end of this month. I need to go to India this Jan and I am eligible for drop box as my VISA expiration is less than 12 months and now change of Employer is NOT part of the VISA drop box question. My H1B was filed for Client A (in NY Manhattan) and I was reassigned to Client B (in NJ Montvale) from August 1st 2014. My company procured the LCA and gave me a Transfer Memorandum as well. My question is do I still need H1Amendment? I and my company thinks we dont need one due to the following 2 points :


1. NY Manhattan and NJ Montvale belongs to the same MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area - NY Metro Area)

2. My transfer of assignment was done on Aug 1st 2014 which is way back before the H1 amendment act (March 2015) came into force.


Please guide me. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vamsi


I'm having the same kind of Situation, Please let me know if you have got any clarity/solution on your concern.


                  I would also let you know if i get to know anything about this concern.


Thank you!

Hi Nithin,


Did you get any update on this question from any sources?




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