H1B Transfer in progress along with H4


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I am was working for comp A and now moved to Comp B(currently H1B transfer is in Progress),

 i have moved to comp B, after my H1b Ext is approved by USCIS  with Employer A.


 i got the ext docs(I129) with ext dates till jan 2017, and my wife's H4 ext(I - 539) is approved(shown in USCIS website, however the documents went back because of Postal not found the address). Meanwhile i have initiated a move to Comp B and Visa transfer initiated for H1b & H4 too, and got the receipts for I 129 & I 539 too for Transfer.


However still i don’t have the previously approved I 539 for my wife, my questions as below.


1.    Can I check back with my previous employer for my wife's I 539 approved copy? Do they give , as I already moved out?


2.    Can I call USCIS and request to send the previously approved 1-539 copy?

Is it affect current H1B Transfer processing?


3.    Or change to premium so that I can get the new I 539 approved with in few weeks.


What is the best option, if i go for  Premium processing, as currently more RFE we see more Rf's for Premium processing?


If any scenario, my wife needs to travel to back, can we show old I 94(expired in dec last year) and show the latest receipt? It wont be any issue?


please suggest...


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