Process to block a slot in HYD consulate


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Can someone please guide me on what the process is on blocking a slot in Hyderabad. One of my friend's told me that you will have to fill a specific form and have someone in India take the form to a Bank and make a payment for the visa stamping there.


Is that accurate or is there a way to make the payment online?


Thank You

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Please dont ask questions without making any attempts to gather information. If new members like you post these kind of silly questions. the experts will have no interest in answering or coming to this form.


My suggestion is talk to some one who recently came to usa with USA visa( Any category visa).   dont say i dont know any body. there are lot of students who are comming to masters .


As far as i know, there is no online payment option.  yes you have to pay the US Visa fee in India to book a slot in any counslate in india.  You can have your parents make the payment.

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