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For employment based green card consular processing, what supporting documents should I provide? provides a list of documents to be provided like birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. But certain documents for finance etc are confusing.


For example, for financial documents, should I submit my personal finance details (bank statements etc) or the financial background of the petitioning company?


Is my employment history, pay stubs etc required?


I had called NVC and was told that I don't need to submit any documents because my GC was employment based. This left me confused. But not sure if the officer meant that none of my personal documentation was required and only the petitioning company's documents was required.


Appreciate any insights.

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Your tax returns (they most likely don't want to see them, but it doesn't hurt to have them).

And notarized job offer letter from the company. Company financial documents shouldn't be required. Way back when I did CP I did not have any company document other than the offer letter.

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Need some guidance with regards to submitting the supporting documentation for employment based CP.

1) Do my Petitioner has to submit any financial documents for employment based GC.

2) Some of my civil documents have stamps/Seals in Regional language, though the letters are in english, do i need to provide certified translations.

Would be great if any one can help me with list of documents to be submitted to NVC

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Hi All,

Considering to undergo Employment-Based GC with consular processing path as I have moved out of US(H1B maxout) and relocated to India. My I-140 was approved 3 weeks ago and my attorney says, along with Consular process, my petition also has option to go with AOS provided I am able to re-enter US with another non-immigrant visa(like, L1A) and I am checking with my employer on its feasibility.

I am yet to receive list of supporting document from NVC, but reading in few Immigration forums, what worries me is  whether PCC would be mandatory along with other documents, like - tax returns and notarized Job offer.

Can anyone advise me if PCC was required for CP and if someone has lived/worked in multiple cities/countries and has stay duration> 12 months after the age of 18 yrs, then PCC has to be obtained?

Below is the list of documents for CP that I am able to collect from few forums & USCIS sites -

  • Approved I-140 petition.
  • The receipt notice for Form I-824 (only if indicating to apply for consular processing at first) or the approved notice for Form I-824 (only if later requesting consular processing)
  • Evidence that your last residence was in the host country of the post
  • Form DS-230: Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Part I (Biographic Information) and Part II (Sworn Statement)
  • Birth Certificates : One certified copy for each person named in your application
  • Police Clearance Certificate: each applicant named in your application must have a certificate from the appropriate police authority stating whatever their records show about that applicant. This certificate must cover the entire period of your stay in any area.
  • Court and Prison Records - if applicable
  • Updated job offer letter from your employer
  • Medical Report: All applicants must pass a medical examination from one of the approved panel physicians
  • Passport: all applicants' passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the visa issue date. Minor children should have their own passports
  • Proof of Relationship with spouse and children: this may include marriage certificate (along with proof of termination of previous marriage, if applicable), birth certificates etc.
  • Photographs: visa photographs must meet the new requirements
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