How long my H1B is left


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1) I was in L1B visa from Jul 2010 till Jul 2013.


2) H1B visa was applied for me on April 2013 while I was in USA on L1 Visa.


3) My L1 Visa had expired on Jul 2013.


4) I went back to India on Jul 2013 and got H1 Visa stamped on Oct 2013. The H1B visa was valid from Aug 2013 to Aug 2016. 


5) I came back to united states again in H1 Visa on August-12-2014. So I was out of the country for more than a year from Jul 2013 to Aug-11-2014.


I would like to know if I have a new 6 year term till Aug-12-2020 (Provided visa extension has been applied) with my H1 visa that have started on Aug-12-2014        (or)


since my L1 was converted to H1, does that mean I can stay only 6 years and should go back on Aug 2016. Also can I reclaim the unused 1 year of H1 visa?

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