Query regarding Visitors Visa


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We are plannig to apply for a visitors visa to my in-laws. Both myself and my wife are on H1. She started working on H1 from last year and I have been working on H1  for last 6 years.


Is it better if I sponsor visa for my inlaws? or would it be better if my wife sponsors for her parents? 

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if your in-laws is not paying for trip, I would suggest, have your wife to submit I-34 supporting affidavit since she is on H1


and on DS160 person/Entity paying for your trip can be your wife. In I-34 she need provide bank balance details to support the same.  Outcome of visa interview depends on how your in-laws would convey to VISA office about purpose of the trip and ties with home country. it doesn't matter who is paying for the trip.

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