Lost Labor Certificate - Seeking Recommended Action


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Here is my situation -

I worked for a company in US on H-1 visa from 2005 - 2008. My 3-year H1B extension was denied and I returned to India in 2008.

My company filed for my Green Card Processing on EB2 ( I have a MS degree from US) in May 2007.

My Labor filed under PERM was approved in 2007. My priority date is around 4th May'2007.

I-140 was approved early 2008.

I opted for Consular Processing while filing my I-824 from India in September'2011. This was approved on March6th 2012.

After a long wait, I was called for an in person interview at Mumbai Consulate in June 2015. In the interview my case was put on hold under Administrative processing 221G.

In Oct 2015, I received a mail, asking me to submit my Labor Certificate and Company Project document.

When I contacted my Attorney/Petitioner, they are helpless in tracking my Labor Certificate that they received in 2007 since they say mine is a very old case.

What is the best course of action from my end in this scenario? What can my Petitioner/Attorney do to overcome this situation? I understand we can apply for a Duplicate Labor Certificate, but what is the likely timeline before the DOL can issue one?

Please help me with this.I would really appreciate if you could guide me in this regard.



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This looks as if the job no longer exists. For Consular Processing, the original job still has to exist, and you have to get a notarized job offer letter.

All that would only be possible if the employer actually knows what the job is. It seems they don't.

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Thanks for the reply JoeF. I submitted a Notarized Job Offer Letter at the time of the Interview. Still the consulate is insisting on my submitting the original Labor Certificate, which neither the attorney nor the company seem to trace.


What can be done in such a situation? Apply for a duplicate? How long does it take to get a duplicate?



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