J-I Hardship waiver Pending with DOS


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Hi All , 

i applied for J-1 hardship waiver on 3/11/15 , NOW WITH DOS LAST PAPER RECEIVED AS OF 9/1/2015 , STILL SAYS PENDING , I'm extremely frustrated as i only have until the end of November and my DS-2019 expires , i sent multiple emails , my lawyer also did , my lawyer even called the congressional liaison in my area . do the DOS care about the time line that i have until the end of November ? is there anyway that we can expedite ?


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similar situation here. DOS website shows that my application and supporting documents were received on April 15, 2015. I-612 and 613 were received from USCIS on August 10. The estimated processing time is 3 to 4 months once the file is complete at DOS.. However, no  decision has still been reached on my case. The whole process is extremely stressful and unduly frustrating. Does DOS actually respect it own deadlines? Is there anything I can do after waiting one extra month? 

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Can you please share your timeline here? I am also in the same situation. Both DoS and USCIS have received my documents on Nov 10, 2015 and since no update on my application.

On Jan 4, DoS received my I612/613. On Mar 4 the status said "Sponsor views (unacceptable) received".


Nothing since then, for over two months

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