Indian passport renewal in USA


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Hello, I got married in India and at that time my passport did not have my spouse name on it. My Indian passport is expiring in June 2016. I am on H1b visa and my wife on H4 dependent visa. She has gone back to India and is not willing to come back. Due to irreconcilable differences we will be going for divorce in the future course of action. As of now I need to get my passport reissued at the end of its 10 year term which ends in June 2016. On the passport renewal site for renewing Indian passport in the US, when I select married under marital status, it asks me to send copies of my wife’s passport. I only have photocopy of first page of her passport showing her name, passport number, date of issue, date of expiry and the last page showing her address details. She is refusing to send me photocopy of the remaining pages of her passport. I do have the original marriage certificate. What do I do?


Should I file as single? I have no intention of getting her name endorsed in my passport if I don’t have to.

Any help or input is greatly appreciated.

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