H1 B finishing 6 yrs, transfer to new employee


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Hi everyone,


I am currently with Employer A.

My H1 expires next year, Sep 2016. Finishing 6 years

I-140 approved in EB3 (PD July 2012) with Employer A

I-140 pending in EB2 (PD July 2015) with Employer A



I got an offer from Employer B

When i move to Employer B, would they be able to extend my H1 based on I-140 approved by Employer A ?

Would the H1 extension be for 1 yr or 3 yrs ?

If Employer B doesn't apply for GC for me, what happens after first extension expires? Can they extend it again even if Employer A revoke all I-140 application for me ?


Thanks a lot !



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1.EB2 (PD July 2015) with Employer A  cannot be applied until new I-140 gets approved. Also your PD will get ported so do not worry.

2. employer B can extend based on A.

3. extension depends on documents submitted but mostly 3 yrs.

4.they cannot extend it again if Employer A revoke all I-140 application for you unless they file PERM.

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