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Hi All,


Now iam on H4 visa, my hubs visa expired on sep 30th 2015, he already applied for extension, that is in the process. Now i would like to apply for a college and later on i wanted to change my status from H4 to F1.


When the extension is in the process can i apply for student admission?? because my H4 expired.


When should i can request for change of status??


i would like to get the admission from VIU.


please suggest me, i want to change my status.



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Your H4 also extended as well?.


Yes. You can apply to University still if you are on extesion.


You can apply for Change of Status from H4 to F1 as well, even if you are on H4 extension.


If H4 to F1 approves first, you can withdraw your H4 extension.


If H4 extension approves first, you are good if you get F1 later.



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