Travel to India - H1b stamped on passport last year


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GoodAfternoon Members

I need some advice. I work in EVC model as a programmer analyst. I got my H1b visa stamped and approved last year at US consulate in ottawa, canada. This was December 2014.


In february 2015, i changed my end client, moved to different state but since then continued to work for same employer( who holds my H1b) as well as same prime vendor,.


Next year, i.e Januray 2016 i need to visit India to attend an event.


Will i need to amend my H1b and again go for stamping interview as my client as well as state of work has changed although employer continues to remain the same






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Thanks for your reply Jairichi. My employer says h1b amendment is not required as visa on passport is still valid. However i do not wish to take chances hence asked the question here.


However if i get an amendment, do i also need to go for stamping again



No need for new stamping.

Ask an independent attorney whether you need an amendment.

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