H1B stamping---Fresh - 2015 - 2016


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Hi All,


I need your expert advise on my complex scenario.


My Wife has L1B visa and I am on L2 EAD.


I also have an H1B approved petition starting 01 OCT 2015.


I have been working for the same employer who filled my H1B on EAD since July 17.


This was a fresh application H1B and I never had H1B before.


Here is my queries related to stamping:


1) I heard that in case of fresh application first stamping should always be from bas country which is india in my case. Is it true?

2) can I goto Canada for my first stamping?

3) how many days I will have to stay in Canada in this case?

4) what is the process to go for stamping in Canada .





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