Travel while I797 Expired but I-765, I-140 and I-131 approved

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Am in H1B VISA and my GC is under process.

I have got my I-765, I-140 and I-131 approved, on 09/17/2015 which is valid till 09/16/2016.

But My I797 is getting expired on 11/09/2015 and the extension has been filed with USCIS on 10/14/2015.

There is a request from my Organization to travel to India for a week early Dec (12/7 – 12/11). 

Since I have my my I-765, I-140 and I-131 approved, I just want to know, if I can travel to India even before I get my I797 extension approved and if yes, do I need to get my VISA stamped, while I return back. 

In case I can travel, please let me know the list of documents which i need to carry.

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By going through the forums I understand that I can travel and return to US with AP. But in such case I will lose H1B status and assume Parolee status.

If I lose H1B status my dependents would also lose H4 status. It should not be a problem for my spouse as she also got her EAD/AP approved.

But not sure about my kids, as they don't have their AP approved, so far.

if I assume Parolee status, by entering US with AP
- Will they lose the status
- Will they be able to travel in case of emergency, as they don’t have an approved AP.


Also please advise what are the documents I need to carry in case I can travel.

BTW, I am the only one travelling, Family is not travelling.

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