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My company is about to close, i got my 1-140 approved with them.

1. If company closes, do they have to cancel all the greencards under that company?

2.My wife has H-4 EAD approved, if i change employer, does she need to file again for EAD? Thanks

1. If the company closes then obviously they don't have a job to offer so those applications should be revoked.

2. I think so.

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If a company filed I-140 petitions and the company is shutting down/going out of business, then the I-140 petitions they filed would normally be subject to automatic revocation.


The H4 EAD may no longer be valid. Based on USCIS interpretation of the law, USCIS is not going to approve an H1B extension for 3 years beyond the 6 year limit if the beneficiary's I-140 is revoked.


I would strongly recommend getting on the phone with a lawyer for some legal advice and immigration planning.

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