Staying on B-2/Immigration for >12 months

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This is regarding my mother. She is on a tourist visa, currently in US. She was sponsored by her 


her sister, who is a US Citizen. She was in the US in Aug 2013 for 2 months and promptly returned 


back to India. Now, this is my mother's 2nd trip to the Us.


Her sister now wants to file immigration for my mother. 




  1. We may have to extend her tourist Visa beyond 6 months will she run into any issues?
  2. Will she face an issue when entering US (on the B-2 Visa) after the immigration was filed?
  3. Can she stay on in the US beyond 12 months (Assuming she gets 6 months extension)? What can be done to make her stay for more than 12 months in the US?
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