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221g at Vancouver Consulate


I went for my 7th year visa extension after getting my PERM and I-140 approval. My appointment was at 9am on 10/13/15. A day before I found that I missed to add my I-140 details on DS-160. But once you schedule the interview you cannot make any changes to DS160. So I tried to call help desk but they were on thanksgiving holiday. So only automated message was available, which did help much.


Did some online research and found that in at some of the consulate location they have asked to create a new application using previous DS160 number and make required changes and then save and submit it. Bring the new application confirmation page next day for visa interview. So I did created a new DS-160 and submitted it on thanksgiving night. Next day morning I called the Montréal consulate as they are 3 to 4 hrs ahead of Vancouver time. They confirmed that I can take new DS160 form and just let VO know about it and ask then to use this new form.


I arrived at consulate at 8am even though I had appointment at 9. At initial security check when security was checking my docs I mentioned about old and new DS form. They said I can use the new DS form and just ask the lady at next floor to use this new DS form.

The lady who was checking the picture and DS 160 and passport also said I can use the new form but they can make the changes once I am at consulate. She took my form, passport picture and gave to another counter. They verified all the doc and gave me a token and asked to get my fingerprint done.


After doing my fingerprint I was sent to 20th floor for visa interview.

I was told that numbers are called in random so keep checking the board and look of the announcements. There was a software candidate whose token was 33 and mine was next i.e, 34. He was called by an American lady, who asked her every possible question like

Job responsibilities?

Client location?

Where is his employer located?

Since how long he is at current job?

How much is he earning?

How long is he with current employer?


I started thinking I should go to this lady as I am a FT employee and will not have any issues in answering all these questions showing all the documents which I got.


Then my token number was called. Before coming to consulate I was hoping not to be called by Chinku who is well known for giving 221g. But I think luck was not on my side during that minute as I was called by Chinku.


VO: Hello how are you doing?

Me: I am doing great, how about u?


VO: Could you provide your I797 and DS160.

Me: (Gave the docs)


VO: I see 4 visas on your file. 1 for student, 3 for h1b. H1B started in 2009. So did your employer filed for your GC.

Me: Yes, I showed him I140 approval notice.


VO: Good, this thing is also cleared. (started typing something onto his computer). Then suddenly he said looking at his computer “so you work for XXX company, good”, you are design engineer for XXXXX”

Me: I corrected him as he mentioned incorrect details about the company.


Vo:(still typing vigorously. So fast that it seemed fake to me) Then suddenly he mentioned “I don’t want to waste time on admin processing”. (More typing, then he got up the chair and went to talk to someone. (I thought he went to call my employer or get some details about me). VO came back and more typing. After few minutes

Me: (I started thinking what the hell is he typing? why he doesn’t ask any questions if he has any confusion or doubts. I kept controlling myself. After few minutes when he didn’t stop typing, I got fed up and asked him) Sir, are you looking for any particular information.


VO: No. (More typing). Then he asked me to meet him at window B.


I went to window B. VO came there and started talking to a chinku lady. She picked up a yellow admin processing form and told me that they have to do some admin processing and it may take up to 4-8 weeks.


Me: Why? Are you looking for any information?


Lady: (looking at yellow slip checklist) Do you have your employment verification letter?

Me: Yes (Gave her the letter)


Lady: (looking at yellow slip checklist) What is your highest degree?

Me: Masters in Mechanical Engineering.


Lady: (looking at yellow slip checklist) did you do any research?

Me: No.


Lady: (looking at yellow slip checklist) Did you do any thesis?

Me: No. I took course work only.


Lady: (looking at yellow slip checklist) Do you have your resume?

ME: Yes. (Gave her resume)


Lady: Okay you have provided us everything we need. It may take couple of weeks to process the application. Till then you can contact us via email or phone. We will let you know once we complete admin processing.


Me: Do you need any more details or documents for expedite the process?

Lady: No. we have everything.


Lady: You have an option of taking your passport if you want. If not we can keep it.

Me(thought for a sec) :I need my passport back please.


Lady: Why? Do you want to go back to india?

Me: No, for travelling in local flights in Canada I need my passport.


Lady: Don’t you have a govt issues ID?

Me: I do have, but it’s issued by US govt. It’s my drivers license and I am not sure if that is valid for travel.


Lady took my passport and took a photocopy and returned passport to me.


Me: How would you contact me?

Lady: Once admin processing is done we will notify you to send us passport. You can keep track of the application online.


I packed my documents and left.


I kept thinking of that Chinku…what did he missed? Was it due to new DS 160 and because they not able to do their homework on new DS form he sent application for admin process. Still nothing is clear.


Please share your experience with admin processing with yellow slip?

How long it takes for approval after getting yellow slip?

What is the approval rate on yellow slip?

Is Chinku giving admin processing to everyone? Did he approved anyone right away? Please share


Based on my research everyone should try to avoid this Chinku or Vancouver till Chinku is in Vancouver. As per my experience he does not have experience in handling the cases. If he wants to send all the application through admin processing then why is he sitting their taking interviews. We can send you the documents and he can keep processing it. At least we can work during that time instead of wasting time in coming for interview and waiting for admin process to complete.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sonu,


This chinku in Vancouver issue 221g to everyone regardless if you are FTE of EVC. We are like 5 people issued 221g in the second of september. Everyone got approved in 3 to 4 weeks time frame. I am only one still wiating.. Its been a month and I am still stuck.


BTW Another lady on OCT 13 got 221g. Contact me thru email on my profile. i will give her details



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