Can I travel back to India during H1B Extension?


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Hi Murthy,


I've applied for H1B extension in premium. Recently, that got RFE as my client provide 3 months of SOW & we asked for 1 year extension. This happens almost all the people over here. Anyway, currently, I'm arranging all the remaining doc that suggested by USCIS including fresh client letter.


Now, the point is - My mom is a heart patient as her 3 valves have more than 90% blockage. But, now both of her kidney failed. So, she is under dialysis. And, in critical condition in Hospital.


My current Visa expiry date is - 3-Nov & as per I94 it is 10-Nov.


My premium extension RFE doc last date is - 5-Dec.


Now, my question is - Can i travel back to India during this time? If i need to travel, will that cause any problem to my current extension process?


Can you please respond me?


Really appreciate your patience & help here.


Thanks again for your time.




Satyaki De. 

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