Can I list acquired skills at my current employment for GC Job description?


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My current employer is applying for my GC and has a provided a list of minimum skills for the job description which also requires 3 years of Experience and a Master's degree. I do have the 3 years of experience and Master's in CS. 


I have worked with previous employers in the past and worked as a contractor at my current employer (full-time at previous employer) before becoming Full-time. I acquired a couple of the technical skills listed in the job description at my current employment.I was asked by the law firm dealing with my GC processing to list the institutions/employers from where I obtained these skills.They sent an email saying 


"This will serve as your confirmation that you have satisfied all of the education, experience and special skills requirements as outlined by your manager, and that they were obtained prior to joining <Current Employer Name>.  If you are unable to confirm where you have gained one, some, and/or all the special skills, you must inform us immediately. "


I had the following questions.

  1. How does not having these skills obtained prior to joining my current employer affect me? Is it risky to apply for GC listing these skills as "acquired from current employer"?


Also one of my previous employers went out of business. How does this affect my GC processing considering it will be hard to obtain any employment verification letters on the company letterhead? Are there any other alternatives to verification letters or any other solutions possibly?


Thanks a lot in Advance.


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You can't use skills acquired while with the current employer for a GC, unless the GC job is at least 50% different than the current job.

The reason for that is that you would have an advantage over an outside applicant, and that's not allowed for the LC.

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Thanks Joe. What does the 50% difference relate to? Is it related to change in Job titles between previous and new employment or even within current employment ?


I have been in the IT field in non-managerial roles in both these companies just the titles were different. But the type of work done is different considering they are different domains.


Are the Product/domain differences also considered in the 50% difference?


Example: Company A was a Financial company and Company B is a Technology Company. Company B is the current employer filing for GC.So does that change in domain amount to 50% difference?

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