EB3 to EB2 Porting-Same "A" number, but new Priority date issue--USCIS Rejected I-485 Application


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I have Bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering ( B.tech).I was working with Company A for almost 10 years, during that time  , I got my I-140 approved under EB3 category with Priority Date of (June 2009). Later I had moved to Company B , where I got I-140 approved under EB2 Category in April 2015( Premium process)  .  


During  EB2 I-140 Application we had requested USCIS to port the my old Priority date ( June 30 2009) from my old I-140. However when we received EB2 I-140 approval notice it doesn’t have my old Priority date , it has new date June 2014, but it has same “A” number. We had sent request to USCIS to update the new I-140 with old Priority date ,its more than 5 months , till now  we didn’t received response yet.

 It seems my old employer canceled/withdrawn the Old-I-140  in May 2014 as I left that company A in Jan 2014.


Now as per Oct 2015 Visa bulletin as Old Priority date is Current , So we had submitted the I-485 application with both Old & New 140 copies, However USCIS Rejected my  I-485 application , saying my date is not current .


Is there any option to Request USCIS to update my new I-140 with my Old -140 Priority date  ?  Is there any way we can track this Service Center request Status ? As we raised Service center Request in June 2015 (after 5 months also)we didn’t received any update on our request from USCIS.

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