No response for OPT application for over 7 months


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I filed for opt ion 28th of Feb. Got an RFE on 2nd May to which I responded back sending all the documents they asked for on 28th of May. USCIS updated the case status stating - "Request for evidence was received". Since then, I have not got an update from USCIS. I've called them multiple times and they said they've assigned an officer for my case and I would have to wait.


I have a few questions:

1. It's already been more than 7 months so is there a way to expedite the process? If not, could you tell from your experience how much longer can it take to get OPT approved?


2. Initially I transferred from H4 to F1 visa (in Dec 2013) and now that my husband has I-140 approved, can I transfer back to H4 visa and file for EAD to get work authorization? If yes, how long would this whole process take?


3. Is it worth waiting for OPT approval or should I just start transfer to H4 EAD right away?

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