After 6 years in H1B - extension from india - with approved i140


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My 6 years on H1B visa expired on Dec 2014 and i'm working remotely from India from November 2014. My I-140 got Approved in September 2015 and my employer is applying for my h1 visa extension so i could travel back to US.


Have few question with respect to h1 extension and visa stamping:


1) I don't have paystubs as i'm not on valid visa status in the US. I have my w2 and tax return for 2014. Are paystubs mandatory for h1 extension or visa stamping in my case? Can I show the pay checks copy to show that i'm still with my employer in year 2015 while i'm working on remote basis from india?


2) For client invite letter, as my employer is not a direct vendor to the end client i got two letters:

a) letter from client stating my duties and contract with middle vendor

b) letter from the middle vendor stating same duties and contract with both my client and employer

My employer and middle vendor will give the contract documents as well.

The last time i did H1 visa extension i got direct letter from client to my employer and policy changed meanwhile which only allows them to issue letter to middle vendor.


What risks do I have filling my h1 visa extension with such client letters?


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